1. How does the Candy Ship 1 take off?  The Candy Ship is known as a blown wing aircraft.  By blowing large amounts of air across a very large wing surface you can achieve near vertical takeoff and landing.  Normal planes gather windspeed using a runway but Candy Ship gets that windspeed by blowing air across the wing with a very large prop.  Here is how you will take off:
    1. Once the engine is warmed up, apply brakes fully for takeoff.
    2. Add throttle and pull back on the stick to tilt the nose up in the sky.
    3. Add throttle to full power and the Candy Ship will jump off the ground into the sky.
  2. How does the Candy Ship land?  Landing is also much different from conventional flying.  Again, normally a plane lands on a runway to keep windspeed across the wings until touching down.  With Candy Ship, as you approach your landing site, you slowly pull the nose up while adding power which slows your ground speed.  Then as you touch down with a nose high attitude you throttle down and put on the brakes.  This type of flying may seem odd but pilots around the world fly this way when there is little or no runway.
  3. How does the Candy Ship 1 drive on the road?  The Candy Ship has two electric motors located in the hub of each rear wheel so when driving on the road it is an all-electric drive system.  This type of drive system saves weight and cost and you charge it at your home or work just like you would a golf cart.  Steering on the ground is achieved with motorcycle like handle bars located just above the flight control stick but just below the instrument panel.  The throttle and brakes are located on the handle bars and the ground controls are completely separate from the flying controls.
  4. What is required to get a Light Sport Pilot’s license?  All you need is your driver’s license and 20 hours of flight instruction.  The time and money required is about half of what is needed to get a regular pilot’s license.
  5. To be street legal, the Candy Ship is registered as a motorcycle, do I need to have a motorcycle license and helmet to drive?  There are two states where just a standard car driver’s license will suffice – they are Delaware and California.  Washington State requires you to get a three-wheel permit to drive the Candy Ship.  You will need a motorcycle license in the other 47 statesNational traffic legislation states the occupants do NOT need to wear a helmet because the Candy Ship is completely enclosed and safety restraints are installed.
  6. Why only 2 passengers seated in tandem?  The FAA’s Light Sport Aircraft designation allows for only two people and the tandem design allows for more passenger room and less drag.  Both seats will have flight controls.
  7. Why is the Candy Ship sold as a kit and how long will it take to assemble?  Purchasing the Candy Ship as a kit reduces cost for manufacture and makes it more affordable for the buyer.  Eventually we will sell it as a complete and finished product but to get to market quickly we will sell it as a kit.  Assembly time will be measured in hours, not days or weeks and with our ‘Build Assistance Program’ you can get expert help in assembling the Candy Ship so you know it is done just right.