Candy Ship1

“NEW”, the world’s first Street Legal 2 Place Drive or Fly Vehicle’s and The World’s first Single Place Vertical Take-off commute to work and play vehicle. No more traffic jams!

We have the technologies and now we are ready for “YOU”, the Buyer’s, Investor’s, and Marketing Team.

If you have ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time, please watch this video about the cars of the future and give us a call. We have the only ones that fly.

This is the business opportunity of a lifetime! Limited Time, $36,000 investment – Dealership Protected Territory – No pilots license needed. We train you how to fly our ultra-light vertical take-off craft and to teach others. Plus, doing Aerial Advertising, Grand Opening Sales & Marketing for Car Dealership’s, Shopping Malls, NASCAR, Football Games and much, much more, so what are you waiting for $… Call… 

Your future has arrived!

“CAR’S OF THE FUTURE”… CANDY SHIP1 Vehicles, Drive or Fly plus Vertical take-off…

The Gum Drop and The Leap Frog flying over Las Vegas

The VertaGo and The Leap Frog flying over Las Vegas


The  Gum Drop

The VertaGo

The Gum Drop Trainer

Learn to fly your own Ultralight Vertical Take-off and Landing “VertaGo” in your own back yard with our New Trainer Flight Training system.  Complete with Flight Manual and DVD’s.

Fly for Fun and Pleasure and Enjoy the Thrill of a life time.  No Pilot’s License required and you can train yourself.

Limited time $36,000 complete…  Please call for details!

Gary Pylant – 602-315-9521

The Leap Frog</p><p> 

The Leap Frog

 Here are two renderings showing the Leap Frog in a garage and on the road…

Leap Frog in a Garage

Leap Frog in a Garage

Leap Frog  Being Driven on a Public Roadway.

Leap Frog Being Driven on a Public Roadway.

The automobile has been around for well over 100 years and it has changed humanity.  Unfortunately there will always be too many cars and our massive infrastructure projects will never keep up with demand for more space on the road.

We desperately need a flying car that people can afford!  What that means is that you can fly to work by taking off and landing vertically for the cost of your mid-range luxury sedan.

Candy Ship 1 is the solution.  Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry by creating a car that was affordable for the masses.  Candy Ship 1 will revolutionize how we travel by making vertical takeoff and landing affordable and safe for you and me.

Candy Ship 1 is not a toy.  This is a serious aircraft that WILL change the way you and I move about.  It is the first step in the inevitable jump to travel in the third dimension.

We call the Candy Ship 1, The Little Commuter, that Could. It has been designed for a zero takeoff and zero landing roll. It has a Two Place Cockpit, Street Legal with an 8′.5″ wingspan with an aircraft air cooled engine for flight. It has an electric hub motor in each wheel so it is all-electric when driving down the road. You can land and takeoff from just about anywhere that is legal. This is the only drive or fly vehicle that has ever been invented that you don’t have to stop driving and change something so that you can fly.  Patent papers filed.

Candy Ship 1 is a Light Sport Aircraft and is the NEW WAY to FLY that is easier, affordable, safe, and loads of FUN!  All you need is your drivers license, plus 20 hours of flight instruction and you to can be a Light Sport Aircraft Pilot and fly the Candy Ship 1 where ever you would like to go!

Sport Pilot enables enthusiasts to learn to fly “The New Candy Ship 1″, Light Sport Aircraft that comes complete in kit form. With our “Build Assistance Program”, you will be on your way to being an aircraft owner and pilot. So, climb aboard, take the controls, and launch your new adventures in recreational aviation today!




Affordable, achievable and fun.  Be one of the first ten orders and pay only $36,000 with basic engine included!  After the first ten are gone the price will double – so act NOW!

We also have the Candy Ship 1 Limited Edition.  This will come with a full glass cockpit and a turbo charged 115 hp certified engine for ultimate performance.  Get your first time Limited Edition Candy Ship 1 for $100,000.  We will produce only ten of these aircraft so don’t wait!

For more information please call or email Gary Pylant … CTO … 602-315-9521

Road Legal, Air Legal: The worlds only STOL motorcycle…

CandyShip over Vegas 1